Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Educate to Empower

IMPACT offers engaging and interactive presentations about sex, love, and relationships for preteens,teens and parents. Utilizing a holistic approach and emphasizing the connectedness of all parts of a person, students are able to see how their choices have both short-term and long-term consequences on their whole selves. Teens are encouraged to abstain from sex, as it is safer and healthier for them and their future spouse. Locations for presentations include schools(public/private), home schools, church youth groups, community organizations and park districts.

Parent Presentations:
Unleashing Your Parenting Skills: The Early Years
Unleashing Your Parenting Skills

Student Presentations:
4th-5th Grade:Time for a Change
6th – 7th Grade: It’s All About You
7th – 8th Grade: Getting Serious About Choices
High School: Greatest Lifetime Sex

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