Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Our 36th Annual Banquet “Extreme Ownership” was a big success.  Over 400 people came to listen to Pastor Cory Musgrave give an account of how he ended up on the Il House floor, offering a prayer and asking God to bring judgment down on Illinois for their disregard of His Word and the Sanctity of Human Life. Cory went on to encourage us all to demonstrate extreme ownership of who we are and of what God has given us to do.

Thanksgiving is coming quickly with Christmas and New Years Day following close behind. January will bring us Sanctity of Human Life month.  Consider scheduling a PASS representative, in January or February, to speak at your church during the worship service(s), in a Sunday School class or otherwise, in honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  Click here to access a request form.

We are devoted to continue our battle against the extreme evil that is overshadowing Illinois. We very much need your help, especially now, by prayer, volunteering and financial contributions (take extreme ownership and become a monthly donor) We refuse top take government money (so they can’t force us to comply with their wishes) and so we depend on donors like you to keep the work that God is doing through PASS alive. God love a cheerful giver. We love the sons and daughters of God who are fighting alongside of us in this spiritual battle against evil, in Jesus name.  Click here to make a donation